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Reiki (Rei= Universal Ki= Life Energy) is a style of healing that works with the energy fields around a person's body.  It is a holistic practice that can benefit the mind, body, and spirit.  It helps a person achieve a deep state of relaxation where clarity, insights, healing, and positive shifts can be achieved.

Although the practice of "Reiki" didn't come about until the 1920's, the first mention of energy healing can be traced as far back as the Vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures dating back to 6000 BC.  By whatever name you call it, energy healing is a powerful modality that can help to release energetic blockages in the recipient to experience more peace and balance.   


Energy healing is built off of the fundamental basis of quantum physics; that all things are made of matter vibrating at different energetic densities.  Our words, thoughts, actions, physical bodies...literally everything that makes us who we are has its own physical vibration.  

Just as our physical bodies can develop knots from overexertion, so, too, can our energetic bodies develop blockages that prevent them from performing optimally.  In Sanskrit, these are referred to as "grantha's".  During a Reiki session, the practitioner intuitively taps into Ki (also commonly known as Chi, Prana, or Life Force Energy, to name a few) and directs this energy into the recipient.


The practitioner is able to then feel energetic knots that exist within the energy field of the receiving party and uses the Reiki to gently guide these knots out so that a more cohesive flow of energy may ensue.  Reiki is extremely intuitive and, oftentimes, the practitioner is able to piece together an overall picture of what is happening within the energy field to help their clients determine actionable steps that they could take to gain a greater sense of balance and wellbeing.  I refer to this as a Reiki Energy Reading and I try to offer this to each client, though it’s not always in my control what comes through. 

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Why Seek an Energy Healer?

There are multiple reasons you might seek out an energy healer.  It is extremely effective on it's own for many things and highly complimentary when used in conjunction with other healing modalities.  Many people come to a Reiki session, Chakra Balancing or Energy Reading simply because something feels "off", even if they may not be able to pinpoint what it is.  They may also be experiencing depleted energy, high stress levels, or be in need of some deep relaxation.  Here are some other reasons you may choose to get an energy session:

*Working through emotions:  The quiet and calm associated with an energy session can create a safe container for clients to process pent-up internal emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, or grief more thoroughly.  

*Pain or Injury:  Recipients may experience both long-term and immediate pain-relief from injuries, illnesses, surgeries, etc.  Our energetic body holds the impressions of these experiences just as our physical body does and energy sessions allow your body to deeply relax in a different way.

Anxiety & Depression:  The environment and methodology in an energy session can quiet and calm repetitive thoughts, allowing space to go beneath the symptoms to see what might lie at the root of their anxious or depressive tendencies.  

Digestive Issues:  A lot of energy gets stored in our digestive tract and energy work can help to push through some of the blocks that this creates.

Spiritual Development:  Energy work can bring you deeply into your own awareness, expanding your ability to connect to your own intuition.  It can also be greatly benefical to help you learn to use and understand any intuitive abilities that have surfaced unexpectedly.

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What to Expect From a Session

Regardless of what brings you to an energy practitioner in the first place, you can expect to leave a session feeling lighter, deeply relaxed, and clearer in mind, body, and spirit.   Depending on your needs and preferences, I may incorporate crystals, incense, oils, tuning forks, and/or soothing music into a session. 

You may feel a variety of sensations throughout your session, though everybody experiences energy differently (and each practitioner has their own techniques and flavor).  Some people report feeling tingling, gentle pressure, pins and needles, vibrations or other bodily impressions.  Some may experience feelings of disembodiment, being in a dreamlike state, feeling "tuned in" or of floating around the room.  No experience is deemed "better" or "more useful" than another.  It is simply your beings unique merging with the energy flow.  


I also utilize Reiki to perform full Chakra Balancing.  If you’ve ever heard of Reiki and are wondering how it might benefit you, contact me today and give it try.  You just may find that it’s a practice you wish you’d found years ago, much like I did.  To learn more about my credentials and training visit my Home Page.  To learn more about Reiki and its history, CLICK HERE to connect to The International Center for Reiki Training.It helps many people alleviate stress, tension, pain, depression, and energetic blocks within their bodies.  It is a simple method of alternative healing which you can easily pair with your traditional medical care.  Everybody has the power within them to heal!

If you still have questions, don’t worry!  I offer free consultations to all of my potential clients. During your call, I would be happy to clarify anything that still feels a bit murky. 


You can schedule your consultation by contacting me HERE or by calling 561-951-7045.  I’m looking forward to your call.  For ongoing inspiration, visit my blog.


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