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*Illustrations hand-painted by Melissa Wooten


After countless years of enduring the burden of supporting all living organisms, the Earth becomes very sick.  Her fever causes wildfires, her chills create countless earthquakes, and her sneezing and cough become hurricanes and tornadoes that ravage the world as we know it.  In a final plea to get the rest that she needs, the Earth turns to the people and asks them to go inside and close their doors and give her the gift of time so that she may heal.  What they all receive through this selfless act ends up being so much more than any of them had ever dreamed of.  


When the Earth Slept will have readers of all ages looking at the planet through new eyes; seeing Mother Earth as a friend and companion that deserves their time, love, and nurturance.  By the time the last page is turned, they will feel compelled to take action and reconnect to the beautiful and inspiring natural world that surrounds us.  

When the Earth Slept | A Children's Story

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