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In the other side of my intuitively balanced world, I've worked as a Marketing Director for an international company, a content creator, and website designer for a multitude of small businesses.  One of my biggest passions is helping others to realize their dreams and turn them into reality.  I believe that entrepreneurship is one of the absolute best ways for humans to allow their passions and talents to shine through and that it leads to the imaginative, necessary, and innovative ideas that will inspire upcoming generations and make our world a better place to be.   The creative ideas that burn inside of us are our Spirit's way of guiding us back to our own center.  Following the brave path of our Inner Visionary can help us to rewrite our old stories, tap deeply into the Universal flow that is always available to us, and, ultimately, reclaim a sense of joy and purpose in our lives.


  Oftentimes, my clients come to me with the seed of an idea that they can't shake, and my job, first and foremost, becomes stoking that inner fire and guiding them through the process of transforming this seed into a tangible and lucrative business or project.  It is an exciting and transformative process each and every time and I absolutely love to witness my clients creative "birthing" process.  

Has a seed been planted?  Is that inner fire starting to burn too hot to ignore?  Excellent...that's when the magic begins!  I would be absolutely honored to help you turn your big ideas into reality.  Read on to learn about what that interaction might look like.


Whether you believe it or not, you can start a successful business with just these key components (Hint:  if you don't have all of them yet, don't worry...we'll get to that):

  • An idea

  • Passion

  • The ability to think outside of the box

  • A willingness to face your fears

  • An understanding that hiccups and failures are actually your allies on the entrepreneurial journey

  • Accountability

  • Good work ethic

  • Motivation and drive

  • A sense of purpose

You do not need a million dollars to get started, to have all of the answers, or even the support of your family and friends (though that 

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is quite helpful).   My 12-week entrepreneurial coaching course is designed to meet you wherever you're at and to help you achieve success as an entrepreneur regardless of the starting resources you do or do not have access to.  We will use coaching techniques, brainstorming, skillful questioning, embodiment exercises, art therapy, and more to:

  • Dig deeper into your idea and flesh it out so that it becomes a workable and marketable service, product, or project

  • Build your confidence in your own abilities to thrive as an entrepreneur

  • Face fears around money or other limiting beliefs that might be holding you back

  • Build excitement and motivation that will sustain you through the ups and downs of building a business

  • Shift your perspective to see obstacles as opportunities

  • Get clearer on your objectives, short-term, and long-term goals

  • Understand your ideal client

  • Help you to speak confidently and clearly about what you do to others

  • Keep your creative well full so that your business will continue to grow alongside you

  • Manage your time skillfully and delegate when and where you can to avoid burnout

  • Implement action plans to take care of many practical parts of the business-building process (getting logos designed, creating business cards, et cetera)


And SO very much more.  Included in this course are (12) 75-minute one-on-one sessions (either in person or via Zoom), weekly homework assignments, personalized support, an online workbook designed to support your journey, and, most importantly, a chance to change your life.  So, are you ready to do this thing?  Awesome!  I can't wait to see the amazing things that you create!  Contact me today to get started.  


In addition to helping you flesh out your idea, I am also extremely passionate about utilizing my marketing background to help you launch when the time finally comes to share your creative baby with the world.  

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Services Include:

  • Website Design:  Let me help you build a beautiful website or landing page that accurately reflects the core values of your business.  This is one of my very favorite things to do outside of coaching.  If you'd like an example of my work, you're looking at it!  Here are some other snapshots of websites I've built for my clients:

a website image
a website image
a website picture
a website image

Basic SEO is included in your website, as well as setup on Google My Business.  

  • Course Creation:  If part of your business involves teaching others a skill or technique, allow me to help you create a sellable course that will showcase your skillset and encourage others to pay you to show them how to do what you do!  Working with me on course creation means brainstorming a skillful content map that will adequately convey a step-by-step process for your clients.  Additionally, you might choose to hire me to build your course for you once it's all mapped out.  We can also work together on a marketing plan that works with your budget and allows you to reach your target market.

  • Social Media Planning:  You may also choose to work with me to create a social media schedule that will help you to offer your clients relatable and valuable tools and information on a consistent basis.  We will also discuss some relevant and cost-effective techniques and posting platforms that can make posting your content less of a headache.  

  • Content Creation: Let's get you going strong!  I'm happy to help you create quality content that you can use across your social media platforms!

Costs of al-a-carte services vary based on the individual needs of the client.  If you choose to work with me in any of these capacities, a thorough consultation will take place so that I may offer you a quote.  

Ready to make things happen??  Reach out below...

If you still have questions, don’t worry!  I offer free consultations to all of my potential clients. During your call, I would be happy to clarify anything that still feels a bit murky. 


You can schedule your consultation by contacting me HERE or by calling 561-951-7045.  I’m looking forward to your call.  For ongoing inspiration, visit my blog.


No information that you share with me will be shared with any outside parties


125 West Indiantown Road

Suite 206

Jupiter, FL 33458

Tel: 561-951-7045

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